Bimetallic ribbed pipe

Riffled tubes are destined for use in heat exchangers. Type of ribbing: KVSP, GBM.

ribbed pipeFor tropics drawing of defensive anodically-oxide covering is possible.

Effective bimetallic ribbed pipe- Element of qualitative heat exchanger.                                                        

Material of basic pipe: shema

Brass-fresh water,

cupronickel, stainless steel- mineralizeed and sea water.

Material of ribbing:

Effective combination of materials.








Type of ribbing KVSP Type of ribbing KVSP.                                                                                                                                                                                          
Effective ribbed pipe.

Notches increase area of heat exchange.                     




ribbed pipes ribbed pipe


  Type of ribbing GBM.                                                                                                     

Type of ribbing GBM.

Bimetallic ribbed pipe-classical kind of ribbing.                                                                            





Ribbed pipe-basis of heat exchanger.   

Air cooler. 

Gas cooler.

Oil cooler.