Heat exchangers

PSV water heater



Heater network of water warms up the water in the thermal power plants and heating plants.
Heating component pairs, taken from the lines of turbines and boilers of low pressure.


Production of oil coolers C

Oil coolers are intended for cooling transformer oil, stationary furnace and power transformers.


The production of oil coolers DC

Is oil cooler DC cooling stationary power oil transformers and autotransformers, cooling system "DC " , "NDC" for installation in wall and the expansion of the cooling system.


The production of oil coolers MO

Oil cooler MO 35, MO 53, MO 65 - efficient performance.

Oil coolers series mo refer to the devices horizontal execution.



The production of oil coolers MOV 10rus

Turbogenerators and hydrogenerators.


Production of oil coolers Mb-Mbm

Appointment - Cooling of transformer oil.

Liquid for cooling - water, salt <5000 milligram/litre.

Devices of a series of Mb:

Mb 20-30, Mb 25-37, Mb 40-60, Mb 50-75, Mb 63-90, Mb 80-108, Mb 90-135, Mb 190-250, Mb 380-500. 


Oil coolers production MetallExportProm

Appointment - Cooling of transformer oil.

Installation - System of cooling of the transforme.


series - MB, MOV, MO, C, DC.


Gas coolers

They cool hydrogen, circulating in isolated systems of cooling of turbogenerators and rotary condensers with water. 



Air coolers for cooling electrical machines

Industrial air coolers are manufactured in the following series: air cooler VOP-WO-VUP-WB.